Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The TWO MILE Runner..

OK I know!! 2 miles is excellent considering what I was able to run 3 months ago,and I have done 3 MILES TWICE,but it seems that 2 miles is my thing and to be honest I'm actually happy with that, for the moment.

Today I took my music out of my ears and put my GPS in my pocket and decided to just RUN and see how it went, it went great and I really enjoyed it. There was a point where I was starting to struggle, I was coming to an upward hill and a 'proper' runner was coming towards me, he looked over and acknowledged me which was great and gave me that little extra lift to get up the hill. Had I have had my music on I would not have heard him.
 The hill did take it out of me though and I stopped a few minutes later looked at my GPS and I had done 2.44 miles, I was really pleased as I have had a few shin,calf and general leg pains which have stopped me running recently so 2.44 was brill and a lot better that the1 minute runs I struggled to do a few months ago.

The music may have to go, I am going to listen to my body instead and stop running if it tells me to. I'm not going to push too hard to try and beat my last run, I'm going to enjoy running and be proud that I can do 2 miles. Sounds like a plan....

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  1. Hi Darren
    What's happened? I just read your blog posts from the beginning, looking forward to a happy ending but you've just stopped. And you were doing so well. I hope you are OK. (I've been repeatedly starting the C25K since last August so am reading blogs like your own to motivate myself.)