Why Couch to 20K

Blah and Blurb....

Since early 2011 I have been losing weight and to date (22/10/11) have lost about 2 and a half stone (35lb) apart from a small amount of exercise it was mainly down to monitoring my food intake, not a diet more a healthy eating plan watching calories and fats .
I'm never going to be at the BMI (body mass index) that the medical bods suggest I should be, I haven't weighed 12 1/2 stone since I was 18, now that I am 46 it's just not going to happen, however nothing is stopping me from getting healthier and fitter. I do enjoy how I feel now and with each day that feeling gets stronger.
I heard about the C25K from a colleague and friend and it sounded like it may work for me. I feel that I work well following a plan and with a goal to achieve,and the C25K didn't seem too difficult and at only one and a half hours a week I could manage that.
For some strange reason I have decided that Couch to 5k is not enough and that running 13 MILES sounds like a good idea, so I have, in a 'momentary lapse of reason' signed up to the Great North Run, that's 20k by September 2012.

 The worrying side...
 I've never run in my life
 I'm 46
I'm  overweight
I have a sitting down job
I enjoy eating cake and biscuits
My favourite pass-times include watching TV and listening to music which is mainly sitting around.

The plan a year from now...
I run regularly and feel like ' I am a runner'
I'm 47
I'm a good weight
I have a sitting down job
I can eat cake and biscuits, if I want to
I can still enjoy my favourite pass-times,but now I am fit and healthy I can enjoy more - quite fancy playing squash actually.

Sounds like a HUGE mountain from where I am now, wish me luck and thank you for reading my blog. Darren.