Thursday, 29 December 2011

New Shoes...

Have not really updated recently due to Christmas etc,but have been running every other day. I am not using the c25k plan at present as week 8 is running for 28 mins and week 9 is running for 30 mins, but instead I am just running.The 2 mile milestone for me was amazing and I have had to keep proving to myself that I can do it.

 I have completed four 2 mile runs since my last update and on one of the days I managed 2.5 miles,I was so energised afterwards I went out again and completed another mile, so 3 and a half miles in one day. I think that run however was a bit much and have got quite bad pains in my shins..I went out today and only managed 1.2 miles :(

The pains in my shins however have prompted me to seek specialist running help, so I took myself and my running shoes to a recommended running shop in Newcastle to have my gait analysed and try on different shoes. I took my shoes along so he could analyse the wear and see what type of foot I have (neutral,supinator or overpronator) and I was told that my shoes were actually trail running shoes,for running on grass and soft land, they dont have the support for hard running surfaces,and for a large person like myself. That will explain quite a lot of the pains I have been getting.

Anyway, I need a wide shoe and because of this the shoe I opted for, after about 45mins of advice and trying different options was not in stock. I kind of new that would be the case but nevertheless was quite dissapointed I could not take them home there and then. I have opted for a very supportive shoe made by 'Brooks' called the 'beast', a woman's version is also available known as 'Ariel'. It is well known and has some very good reviews for the heavier person running on hard pavements. Hopefully they will arrive very soon.

Friday, 16 December 2011


IN THE SNOW...This was fantastic, not only did I run for 25 minutes non stop on the C25k plan, not only did I run in the snow (which was really refreshing actually), not only did I run for a whole 2 MILES but I also beat my personal best (for a mile) by 30 seconds. I didn't even know I had a personal best (my Blackberry tracker told me).
The whole aim of C25k is to get people running for 30 minutes in total, I am nearly there now and apparently (according to the podcast) I can now call myself a runner.

Me after my 2 MILE RUN....
I know I keep mentioning it but a few months ago I wouldn't have even walked for 2 miles let alone run,what a fantastic feeling it was....C25k what a fantastic plan.

Thank you most sincerely to everyone who is giving me support, I would not have done it without you.

Monday, 12 December 2011

And the winner is....

As well as training for the Sunderland 10k in May and the Great North Run in September I am actively planning some charity fundraising ideas,events and challenges for the next couple of years. In order to come out of my 'comfort zone' and embrace the idea of fund raising I thought I would start off with a very un-challenging raffle, this would enable me to gauge the response from the general public and enable me to tweak my plans,events and challenges accordingly.

The response from people was fantastic and the raffle raised £102 this will be matched by my place of work, Barclays Bank, so in total £204 was raised for Epilepsy Research UK.Thank you very much to everyone who helped raise the funds,by donating prizes,selling tickets and of course buying them.This was my first ever fundraising attempt and I am very pleased with the response and the funds raised.

And so the winner of these Christmassy treats is....Colin Gemski, nice one Colin!
Thanks again to everyone who took part.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Back on track...

#c25k week 5 day 2 Done.Toughest run yet with high wind resistance in parts.Still on track for 20 mins on Saturday..#backontrack

Todays run was very tough, it was very windy outside and I could hear my excuses as I tried to decide whether or not to run. But for me I am not happy if I am starting to make excuses to not run, I want to get out and run. I decided that I was just going to go for it and it was tough,the hardest run yet.
Once I had started out both of my legs started aching, one in the shin and the other in the knee, but I had now started and was not gonna turn back so it was a case of mind over matter and allow my mental positivity to get me through, which it did, but only just. I was glad when Laura off of the podcast said I could stop. I stopped,bent over and exhaled 'Bloody Hell !!! '

I am going to have a 2 day break before 'The Biggy' on Saturday morning, a full 20 minute run with no breaks. I don't feel like I will get through it, but I have done it before and am definately looking forward to doing it, once it's done I will be so chuffed with myself and I will be truly back on track, wish me luck. I am of course hoping for a lovely bright,non windy day,definately no snow, if anyone could sort that it would be appreciated.

Thank you for your support once again :)

05/‎12/‎2011 #c25k Week5 Started this morning.Tough run but felt fantastic once completed.#imbackontrack
Sunday morning weigh-in concluded that since going in to hospital I have lost 4lb, this I was very pleased with considering that for 4 weeks after my op all I was doing was eating cake and watching TV,so actually losing weight was a great boost to my confidence and I feel like I am #backontrack

‎‎03/‎12/‎2011 ....Nothing to declare,must have gone ok then...

01/‎12/‎2011 #c25k week 4 day 2 completed, another windy and quite tough run,however now can't wait for the next run on Saturday.