Wednesday, 23 November 2011


YAY!!! I'm back on my training programme.. I have just completed WEEK 3 DAY 1 of the C25K running programme, and it was NOT easy,which is annoying as only 4 weeks ago I managed to run for 20 minutes non stop on week 5... OK I admit it I have put on about 6 pounds since then but I have been keeping active.

Anyway I have an excuse - I've had an operation (thankyou to Sarah for pointing that out) but now I am back on track,have moved back a couple of weeks on the plan, and even though it was quite tough it was still do-able and I feel very happy for getting back to it.

I have really enjoyed the c25k plan and particularly the podcasts,so I felt for me to continue with this plan was the best idea. I had a look at the plan last night to try and decide the best place to restart and week 3 sounded good,not too much of a challenge but a challenge never the less, it also keeps my overall training plan on track quite nicely.

Looking forward to the next run on Friday and for my running buddies to get back to full health :)
Thank you for your support as always.

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