Monday, 28 November 2011

Week 3 Completed AGAIN..

When you get in 'The Zone' your mindet shifts from 'Can I find time for a run' to 'When can I find time for a run'. (The Little Red Book of Running).

DONE IT completed C25K week 3 AGAIN.. Did seem like a much tougher run than the first time around. I changed my routine and decided to run on sunday morning less than an hour after waking,so with this in mind I didn't want to have any breakfast as I felt this would slow me down,but I couldn't run with no fuel so just had a banana and cup of tea. I think most of my worries for the run were because of the changes in routine, however Elaine (other half) said "get out running and stop over analysing stuff", she was right, I do feel that I can over-analyse some stuff sometimes.

It was a very windy sunday morning at 9.30, very few people about but a lovely bright, fresh and crisp morning and the run went OK....
Jog 90 seconds
walk 90 second
 jog 3 mins,
walk 3 minutes and then repeat-
The last minute was a real toughy and I was wishing it was over, but when I got back home I wanted to get back out there and do it all again. It does seem a lot more difficult this second time round which is a bit crazy as I have only had 4 weeks off, moral to this story DONT STOP RUNNING (unless of course,like myself, you have to)
Anyway I am (slowly) getting back into 'the zone' and have noticed this particularly with my eating - I am now again watching carefully (ish) what I eat and am only eating if I really need it - hence and open packet of exceedingly nice mince pies still uneaten in the cupboard,that would not have happened this time last year.

Till next time take care everyone and Keep on Running...

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