Friday, 16 December 2011


IN THE SNOW...This was fantastic, not only did I run for 25 minutes non stop on the C25k plan, not only did I run in the snow (which was really refreshing actually), not only did I run for a whole 2 MILES but I also beat my personal best (for a mile) by 30 seconds. I didn't even know I had a personal best (my Blackberry tracker told me).
The whole aim of C25k is to get people running for 30 minutes in total, I am nearly there now and apparently (according to the podcast) I can now call myself a runner.

Me after my 2 MILE RUN....
I know I keep mentioning it but a few months ago I wouldn't have even walked for 2 miles let alone run,what a fantastic feeling it was....C25k what a fantastic plan.

Thank you most sincerely to everyone who is giving me support, I would not have done it without you.

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