Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Back on track...

#c25k week 5 day 2 Done.Toughest run yet with high wind resistance in parts.Still on track for 20 mins on Saturday..#backontrack

Todays run was very tough, it was very windy outside and I could hear my excuses as I tried to decide whether or not to run. But for me I am not happy if I am starting to make excuses to not run, I want to get out and run. I decided that I was just going to go for it and it was tough,the hardest run yet.
Once I had started out both of my legs started aching, one in the shin and the other in the knee, but I had now started and was not gonna turn back so it was a case of mind over matter and allow my mental positivity to get me through, which it did, but only just. I was glad when Laura off of the podcast said I could stop. I stopped,bent over and exhaled 'Bloody Hell !!! '

I am going to have a 2 day break before 'The Biggy' on Saturday morning, a full 20 minute run with no breaks. I don't feel like I will get through it, but I have done it before and am definately looking forward to doing it, once it's done I will be so chuffed with myself and I will be truly back on track, wish me luck. I am of course hoping for a lovely bright,non windy day,definately no snow, if anyone could sort that it would be appreciated.

Thank you for your support once again :)

05/‎12/‎2011 #c25k Week5 Started this morning.Tough run but felt fantastic once completed.#imbackontrack
Sunday morning weigh-in concluded that since going in to hospital I have lost 4lb, this I was very pleased with considering that for 4 weeks after my op all I was doing was eating cake and watching TV,so actually losing weight was a great boost to my confidence and I feel like I am #backontrack

‎‎03/‎12/‎2011 ....Nothing to declare,must have gone ok then...

01/‎12/‎2011 #c25k week 4 day 2 completed, another windy and quite tough run,however now can't wait for the next run on Saturday.

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