Friday, 14 October 2011

Ahhh the memories

Week 3 Day 3 DONE...What's this all about? Why did I even start this running thing? I don't even like running !!!
My memories of sport were being told that I had to walk for what seemed like miles to the playing field, get changed into shorts and run 'cross country' for what seemed like miles,with no structure,reason or training.  I hated it and would take the afternoon off school regularly ending up in record shops searching through the latest 45s. Weirdly and probably just as scary was that the teachers didn't even realise I wasn't there, those were the days eh.
3o years on and I have a structure,a reason and a training plan,it's working and it feels great. I still check out the latest 45s but don't need to 'bunk off' school to buy them.
Even though today's run was the same as wednesday's it seemed harder,I think it was a mind thing rather than a body thing. I feel extra good now that I have done it. As Laura (off of the podcast) said the feeling of achieving it does far outweigh the pain during it, that small sentence does seem to get me through.
Weekend off now but must do a bike ride to keep loose, a big 16 minute run on monday.

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