Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Week 5 Day 2

‎25/‎10/‎2011 #HOLYSHAMOLY week 5 Day 2 Done. Now that was definately more mental than physical,on the first run the first half was tough then my body just seemed to take over,on the second run it was the other way around and my body wanted t give up. After the second run I just wanted to sit down and my legs were a bit 'wobbly'. But I DID IT (16 minutes of running) now 10 mins later fully recovered and want to do it again (well almost).
My knee was fine,actually felt worse when I was walking.

A tough run and a big challenge,but as usual I feel great that it's done and to re-iterate...
'I always feel better after a run than I did before the run' 

23/10/11 Week 5 Day 1 Done...Now that was a challenge, spurred on in part by the fact that 4 weeks after starting the couch to 5k  I have now lost another 9 pounds, that's 9lb in one month and 32lb in total.
 Todays run was a challenge,actually one minute less running than week 4,but seemed like it was more running down to the fact that each run was 5 mins and seemed to come around a lot quicker but I suppose that is the whole point,to push myself to get fitter and faster,it was definately a great achievement when I got to the end with all runs completed,however their definately was a few points when I thought I'll just walk from now.
I am writing this the day before week 5 day 2 run, I have a pulled muscle or something behind my right knee, did it on the last run, not very painful but slight concerns over whether I should run tomorrow or not,don't want to cause more problems but dont wan't to not do the run. Will see how I feel in the morning could just maybe go for a brisk walk instead, weather permitting of course.

21/10/11 Week 4 Day 3 DONE. Certainly doesn't feel like it's getting any easier but I am still enjoying the runs and the challenge, and looking forward to week 5. Pulled something behind my knee.

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