Monday, 10 October 2011

To date so far..

  As this is going to be a journey of just under one year until the Great North Run and during that year I hope to have run the Gateshead 10k, I thought I would get it down on 'paper' to chart my progress so far.
  My plan is to break my training down into small bite size chunks,C25K (9 weeks) then B210K (6 weeks), with plenty of time laid aside for contingency I may be able to complete the GNR (approx 20k) in about 50 weeks time.
I have just started WEEK 3 of the C25K plan this is how its gone so far...

09/‎10/‎2011 Week 3 Day 1 Done...With new running socks..Buy 1 get 2 pairs free at New Balance shop,they even have a L and R on just in case. Great socks but most importantly great run,feel chuffed to bits.YAY.Can't wait till next one.

‎‎‎09/‎10/‎2011 Weekly weigh in  -2lb
07/‎10/‎2011 Week 2 Day 3..Done
06/‎10/20‎11 Cycling 3.85 miles in 26m:16s   Average Speed: 8.8 mph
Tried to make it a relaxing bike ride,however the wind made it quite hard work.

05/10/2011 Week2 Day2... Done,a bit tougher than monday's run probably down to a few  general aches and pains,and running against the wind,but still completed each run and feel really good now.Recovery time is getting quicker which is a great sign.Well pleased and looking forward to Friday.

04/10/2011 Cycling 6.15 miles in 40m:11s     Average Speed: 9.2 mph

03/10/2011 Week 2 Day 1..DONE. I was really looking forward to todays run,but was also quite nervous. I did a few stretches prior to going out about 2 minutes in total as I have had 2 days rest between.The run was excellent and I did really enjoy it,it was harder but I took it at a really even pace,and focused on the music. Couldn't quite get the breathing part correct (as per podcast). About halfway through, Laura (off of the podcast) said "you may be getting tired now" she was right,but it was fine cos now I had a 2 minute walk.Looking forward to Wednesday.YAY

02/09/2011 Weekly weigh in  -4lb
30/09/2011 Week 1 Day 3...Done...Feel great and got into a really good rhythm,not fast but felt right.
29/09/2011  Cycling 4.67 miles in 33m:23s      Average Speed: 8.4 mph
28/09/2011  C25K week 1,day 2 (with running shoes) DONE
26/09/2011  C25K Day One Done...GN Run here I come (probably).
25/09/2011   Cycling 5.59 miles in 36m:12s     Average Speed: 9.3 mph

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