Thursday, 27 October 2011

Week 5 Day 3 DONE

   #ohmygoodness that's never happened EVER before, I have now completed WEEK 5 DAY 3 of c25k, that's the one with the non-stop 20 minute run.
I was not feeling perfect before the run- my knee was aching slightly and I had had a late breakfast (hence a late run at 11am, I usualy try to get out by 10) however I didn't want to find an excuse for not running, this was to be a major milestone for me, and I had to do it.
So I did it and it was excellent, it went really well, for someone who hasn't ran for 30 years I am very chuffed and am looking forward to my next run. No major problems and a quick recovery time, must be getting fitter then. Week 5 DAY 3 is a worrying week for all of us on the c25k but let me tell you in honesty ' if I can do it then so can you' .  It is definately more mental than physical and that comes from a man who is carrying a few too many extra pounds.
Unfortunately my next run will not be for a few weeks as I am due in hospital in the morning and therefore will be unable to run for at least 2 weeks and maybe more, I will however continue to walk to keep my muscles from completely seizing up and I'm going to start working on ways to raise funds for my chosen charity of Epilepsy Research UK while I am off work, so will not be completely stuck in front of the television #stircrazy.

Thank you for reading my blog and bye for now...


  1. congratulations! Keep it up- it took me about 3 attempts to get through the 20 minute run without walking so you're doing amazingly!
    Good luck with the hospital stay- you'll be back up and running in no time :)
    thanx for the mention a while back btw ;)
    -Fatgirlrunning (

  2. Just came across your blog after reading fatgirlrunning which I have been reading for a while. I just wanted to say well done on the 20 min run, I am also doing the C25K plan and have just done Week 5 Day 3 too. It was hard but I felt so happy afterwards! Well done and keep up the hard work :)